It’s International Women’s Day!

Be glad that you’re a girl.

People are afraid of a girl’s strength, so they oppress them. (As my friend Jamie likes to say)

You know, in some parts of the world, girls have to get married when they’re 14, and pregnant by they’re 15. The girl could die during childbirth. They then have to sell their body to get money to barely survive. They risk being in contact with HIV. No doctors=no cure, so what can they do? They just went to school until 12 years old. Can they find a job? It’s extremely difficult.

Girls are underprivileged. They’re treated as objects, not people.

But today is International Women’s Day! We are girls, we can be strong.

You can be strong.



9 thoughts on “It’s International Women’s Day!

    • Not hoes, they’re teenage girls who can’t get a job, have a baby to take care, and need food and clothes. They have no choice. Their family won’t support them, society doesn’t care about them. The girl couldn’t go to school becuase men think women aren’t supposed to be educated. They know the risks, but as I’ve said before, they have no other way out of poverty.
      I’m taking about those in undeveloped countries, not the hoes in modern society or something.
      Just had to get my point across.

  1. yay for international women’s day!! hopefully we can one day reach a point where women receive equal pay, equal job opportunities, and are free of oppression. we’re a long ways away, but we’re slowly getting there!

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