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Hiya, I’m mmchan! A Fantagian, level 800+, nonmember.

Fantage is going downhill, so just expect Fantage/art posts from me.

My email is


Honestly, I have nothing more to say.

Just scroll down.

Hello, if anyone’s still here. I’m now extremely inactive on Fantage. So cheers if you stumble upon this blog, I love you, take a look around.


(to mirror the gif on top;; srsly i love this outfit, the bottom is actually a skirt.!! and I love love love this top)
my personal blog is me rambling


it feels odd posting here. ´▽`

fantage always makes me remember my old friend from primary school as she was the one who introduced me to the game. She doesn’t play anymore, we haven’t kept in contact, we’re not friends anymore, but I miss her, and all my old friends.

I started playing Fantage in October 2012, which means I’ve played this kiddies game for around 6 years. I remember the many events I experienced in this game– I am truly glad to have joined in the ‘golden age’ of Fantage.

With the way this game has been going downhill in the past year, Fantage shutting down was inevitable. I wish it ended with a bang earlier instead of dwindling and slowly dying off, and I wish there was a bigger celebration/farewell party. Like maybe they could do features on famous fantagians, they could do recaps of previous events (maybe like a scrapbook), they could give out more currency, bring back features for a limited time. (Like maybe Vintage Gold (god i had to search that up) for one day, oasis for another day, fireworks on another day etc.)

I don’t have much emotional attachment to this game now, but I still feel sad to see it go. I spent 4-5 years heavily invested in this game! I love Fantage! I remember standing around in Trade n Sell! I remember hating fashion show when I started! I remember joining the user inspired events! I remember the summer camps! I remember saving up stars for Vintage Gold! I remember doing meet ups! I remember blogging, taking screenshots of this game! I remember playing on my tablet when I went on holiday. I remember searching up ecoin and gold generators online. I remember playing on my home’s shitty Fujitsu. I remember using Internet Explorer. I remember looking at my inventory and bring so proud of it. I remember trading. I remember gifting. I remember the contests and raffles I joined. I remember doing fanart. I remember pixelling. I remember talking about this game. This cute little game called Fantage.

I suddenly got long-winded.  ̄▽ ̄

turns out I do like this game. just too many memories connected with Fantage. it was fun while it lasted.

free fantage accounts

had a whole list of them in my notes, getting rid of them
all accounts are from online sources
I hope they’re of some use to other people who’s still playing

User: anime_angelz
Pass: angelswlo

User: barbie7996
Pass: kitty1

Username: tinalong
Password: bird32

Username: uae_haya321
Password: 098098
Username: bonita12090
Password: momdad1
Username: mabel20043
Password: 2004223
Username: cuttieh01
Password: monkey01
Username: beyonce4011
Password: 40114011
user: Anabell12397
pass: jessica1
sparkle_lilly – sparkle1
User: rrraven
Pass: kagome1
U: aynaz123
P: 1234567
User: liam888
Pass: EKM888
U: rorololo111
P: rorololo1
User: cloudi_rainbow
Pass: princess1

Happy birthday Chiikie-

looks a bit off to me

oh gosh I spelled it wrong

Happy birthday Chiickie!

chasano, koi, chicken-neet, l



It’d be cool if it was a Friday.