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Hiya, I’m mmchan! A Fantagian, level 800+, nonmember.

Fantage is going downhill, so just expect Fantage/art posts from me.

My email is


Honestly, I have nothing more to say.

Just scroll down.

Hello, if anyone’s still here. I’m now extremely inactive on Fantage. So cheers if you stumble upon this blog, I love you, take a look around.


(to mirror the gif on top;; srsly i love this outfit, the bottom is actually a skirt.!! and I love love love this top)
my personal blog is me rambling


free fantage accounts

had a whole list of them in my notes, getting rid of them
all accounts are from online sources
I hope they’re of some use to other people who’s still playing

User: anime_angelz
Pass: angelswlo

User: barbie7996
Pass: kitty1

Username: tinalong
Password: bird32

Username: uae_haya321
Password: 098098
Username: bonita12090
Password: momdad1
Username: mabel20043
Password: 2004223
Username: cuttieh01
Password: monkey01
Username: beyonce4011
Password: 40114011
user: Anabell12397
pass: jessica1
sparkle_lilly – sparkle1
User: rrraven
Pass: kagome1
U: aynaz123
P: 1234567
User: liam888
Pass: EKM888
U: rorololo111
P: rorololo1
User: cloudi_rainbow
Pass: princess1

Happy birthday Chiikie-

looks a bit off to me

oh gosh I spelled it wrong

Happy birthday Chiickie!

chasano, koi, chicken-neet, l



It’d be cool if it was a Friday.